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Our Selection

We Proudly Stock These Brands and More

Our stock is constantly replenishing and changing as new gear becomes available. We carry discs and accessories from all of the top names in disc golf and we also stock hand-crafted gear from local athletes and artists. What we don’t have in stock, we can custom order, from single discs for the average athlete to industry-approved equipment for courses.

Take a look through this list and use it as a guide to what we have in stock, but please note that colors and quantities will vary when you arrive at our store. Fill out the form to make a special product request and a Walter’s disc golf specialist will follow-up with you.

Disc Selection

Today INNOVA is the most popular and complete line of golf discs. INNOVA’s precision molded discs meet the demands of any shot regardless of the player’s skill level. INNOVA golf discs offer the superior “feel” that is so critical for confident, shot making ability. INNOVA golf discs fly great right out the box and wear in slowly. The inevitable changes in flight characteristics that come with use are gradual and older discs often become those special discs you depend upon when you have to make the shot that counts. Visit the Manufacturer’s Website
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Ape Archon Archangel Atlas Aviar Driver
Aviar P&A Banshee Beast Boss Cheetah
Classic Aviar Classic ROC Cobra Condor Cro
Daedalus Destroyer Dominator Eagle Dart
Firebird Foxbat Gator Gazelle JK Aviar
Katana KC Aviar King Cobra Kite Krait
Leopard Mako Mako3 Mamba Monarch
Monster Nova Orc Pig Polecat
Rhyno Roadrunner Roc Roc+ Roc3
Shark Shark3 Sidewinder Starfire Stingray
Super Stingray Teebird Teebird3 Teedevil Teerex
Tern Thunderbird TL TL3 Valkyrie
Viking Vulcan Wolf Wraith Xcaliber
Yeti Aviar
Technology, engineering grade polymers, design innovations… put them all together and you get our latest, greatest maximum distance golf discs. These discs are the cutting edge.


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Avenger Avenger SS Banger Buzzz Buzzz OS
Buzzz SS Challenger Comet Crank Crank SS
Crush Cyclone Drone Focus Force
Glide Heat Hornet Magnet Mantis
Meteor Nuke Nuke OS Nuke SS Predator
Pulse Putt’r Stalker Surge Surge SS
Wasp XL XS Zombee Zone
MVP Disc Sports was founded in 2010 with the mission of growing disc golf by producing high-tech premium discs. Utilizing patent-pending GYRO™ Overmold Technology, MVP has established itself as the Leader of Disc Golf Technology.

GYRO™ Overmold Technology is made possible with a dual-polymer concept that allows the central core to be molded with a different material than the outer rim. This Overmold design allows the outer rim to be comprised of a heavier material than the inside central core thereby creating an enhanced gyroscopic effect when spin is imparted on the disc. The gyroscopic effect stabilizes the disc’s flight and helps it better maintain its angular momentum to produce straighter, longer, and more accurate results.


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Amp Anode Atom Axis Impulse
Inertia Ion Motion Orbital Phase
Photon Relay Resistor Servo Shock
Switch Tangent Tensor Tesla Vector
Volt Wave
Dynamic Discs was founded in March of 2005 and has emerged from a large field of competitors with hard work, creativity, and exceptional customer service. Our product line is massive and diverse. Our tournaments are continually rated as some of the best around. Our passion is doing everything that we put our hands to in an excellent manner. Visit the Manufacturer’s Website
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Convict Enforcer Escape Evidence Felon
Fugitive Judge Justice Renegade Suspect
Thief Trespass Truth Verdict Warden
Warrant Witness
Prodigy Disc is a unique company founded by a team of World Champion disc golfers who felt the need to develop a more consistent “golf disc” that would compete on a distance field, as well as offer a longer flight that would operate in tighter confines of a disc golf course. It took 2 years to get it right but it was worth the wait.


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X1 D1 D2 D3 D4
D5 H1 H2 H3 H4
F1 F2 F3 F5 F7
M1 M2 M3 M4 M5
In the midst of the ”disc golf community” that grows and flourishes in Bergsbyn, a few of the experienced players and devoted enthusiasts had the dream, desire and vision to develop and produce disc golf products that would elevate the sport we all love to new heights in terms of quality and class. The passion for the sport is always in the forefront of everything Latitude 64° manufactures, but also the determination to offer a wide variety of products that will suit all types of players, from the fledgling newbie to the avid professional.


Visit the Manufacturer’s Website
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Bolt Claymore Core Dagger Diamond
Flow Fury Fuse Halo Havoc
Jade Mace Mercy Missilen Pain
Pure Riot River Saint Saint Pro
Scythe Sinus Spike Stiletto Striker
Trident Villain Vision
Axiom Discs was launched in January 2014 as the more aesthetically and conceptually colorful companion brand to MVP Disc Sports. Axiom is produced and distributed by MVP Disc Sports, with unique models based on MVP’s signature GYRO™ Overmold Technology.

Disc Golf models by Axiom Discs include the Envy and Proxy putt and approaches, Alias and Theory midranges, fairway drivers Clash, Crave, and Inspire, and distance drivers Fireball, Wrath, Insanity, and Virus. Two MVP Disc Sports plastics are shared by Axiom Discs, the vivid-colored translucent Proton, and opaque Neutron. Unlike MVP Disc Sports, the GYRO™ Overmolded Rim on Axiom Discs come in a variety of colors, creating a unique dual-color look.


Visit the Manufacturer’s Website
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Alias Clash Crave Envy Fireball
Insanity Inspire Proxy Theory Virus
Westside discs is an up and coming disc manufacturer based out of Finland. Check out some of their gear at Walter’s Disc Golf Emporium.


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Boatman Giant Harp Hatchet King
Northman Sorcerer Stag Swan2 Sword
Tursas Underworld Warship World
Discmania Golf Discs is a European based brand established in 2006 by Jussi Meresmaa. Currently located both in the USA and Europe, they manufacture some of the world’s finest Golf Discs in association with Innova Champion Discs.


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MD MD1 MD2 MD3 Px1
P1 P2 P3 PD TD
Vibram golf discs are the only rubber based compression molded golf discs on the market. This gives our discs two significant advantages: Durability and Grip. The extra durability comes from the natural resiliency of rubber as well as the enhanced memory provided by compression molding. The rubber also provides superior grip across all weather. Improved performance is a result of both disc design, a more consistent flight over the (long) life of the disc, and a comfortable grip that you can always count on. Visit the Manufacturer’s Website
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Solace O-Lace Lace unLace Notch
Valley Obex Ibex VP Ridge
Sole Summit
Gateway Disc Sports is not your typical Disc Golf company, and they pride themselves on being accessible to the disc golf public. Gateway Disc Sports is now in their 18th year of servicing the disc golf community and they offer a complete selection of disc golf products and services. Visit the Manufacturer’s Website
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Wizard Warlock Voodoo Magic

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