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About Us


Walters Disc Golf Emporium is the Seacoast’s best source for everything disc golf. From our huge selection of discs by top manufacturers to our selection of locally crafted accessories made by local athletes and artisans, we stock and can custom order anything that is disc golf related.

Run by disc golf enthusiasts, our pro shop is located right in the heart of Bellamy Park in Dover, NH. Come in and let us use our knowledge and experience to help you pick the best equipment for all of your disc golf needs. We also offer snacks and drinks too. See you on the course!


Chris Baker

I started playing disc golf in 2009. My cousin took me out to a course in Oklahoma and I was instantly hooked.

Courses played: 75
States played: 12
Favorite courses: Bellamy Park, Maple Hill, Winthrop
Favorite disc: Discraft ESP Buzzz

Cara Baker

Disc Golf was first introduced to my husband, Chris, when he went on a trip to Oklahoma. When he came home we started playing at Bellamy Park and eventually got more friends into it. A few years later we met Keith and Jess and decided to pursue the idea of a pro shop on the course and Walters was born.

When I first started, I had a beat up DX Stingray that flew so straight. The discs that I have used over the years have changed. Now, my favorites are a light weight MVP Inertia and the Latitude Diamond. I also like to throw the Buzzz.

Bellamy Park is a favorite course of mine just because you can play it a lot and there is always some new way to get to the basket. I also like Woodland Valley in Limerick, ME and Maple Hill in Worcester, MA. I am trying to branch out to more courses in the area. This year I have participated in the New England Women’s Disc Golf Tournament. Jess and I also started a weekly ladies league. This past winter was my first season participating in the New England Team Challenge as part of The Other Guys team.


My name is Keith Hiro. I got introduced to disc golf in April of 2010 by my friend, Graham. He invited me out and I was immediately obsessed! It was all I could think about. The sport has changed my life.

I have met and became friends with so many amazing people. I travel all over to play courses and have seen some beautiful landscapes and nature. I hope I can play until I’m 90! Lol!

My obsession lead me to meet Chris and together, with help from our better looking partners, we started the adventure of opening Walter DGE!


Hello, my name is Jessica and I have a putter addiction. Voodoos, Soft Atoms and PA2s oh my! I try to get out and throw a couple times a week. Most times I will have my daughter in tow. Hopefully one day she will go pro and I can travel the world and caddy for her. But for now she is content on the course looking for bugs and collecting sticks and leaves.

I didn’t always like disc golf though. My initial thoughts on the sport were that it was stealing my fiancé. He was cheating on me with plastic! In 2010, he even gave me a Mother’s Day gift of a putter. My pregnant self was so annoyed that it wasn’t a spa gift card that I almost never gave the sport a chance.

Fast forward to 2012, Keith took me out for a round at Bellamy Park and I was hooked. I had no skill level, and to this day I am queen of inconsistency, but it was so fun I couldn’t stop. My only issue was nerves. I would get so nervous stepping up to the tee box when people would join our round that I would shank a drive and get discouraged. Everyone was supportive but I was so intimated by skill levels that were light years away from mine.

In 2013 I co-founded Bellamy Park Ladies League as a way to get over those nerves. And it has worked. The ladies who have joined the league are competitive and supportive and down right hilarious.

My advice to beginners is to focus on form and have fun. Disc golf is addicting. There is nothing like crushing a drive or hearing chains rattle after sinking an amazing putt.
P.S. Keith, I now love discs as gifts. (hint hint)